October Event Calendar: IP & Business Innovation Forum

For those local to Victoria, I am helping organize an IP-Business forum in October – Mark your calendars for October 8th.  Details are below and you can register here.

Event Calendar: IP & Business Innovation Forum

Register today – limited availability

If you are a R&D leader, inventor, investor or CEO, CFO, or CTO of a growing technology-based venture join us of an afternoon seminar featuring thought-provoking discussion from six industry experts. The session will conclude with a networking reception. Local beer, wine and appetizers will be served.

WHEN:  Thursday, October 8, 2015 – 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

A seminar examining significant factors that may dictate whether your venture is successful – These factors include the interaction between R&D, Innovation, IP, and Business.

A panel of industry experts will address questions including:

  • What are the best business structures for operating success?
  • What are the strategic approaches connecting R&D, innovation, and patents?
  • Why and how does a business focused patent strategy need created?
  • How do SR&ED, and other tax challenges impact your venture or investment?
  • Why should company stakeholders care about these topics, and what is the cost of getting them wrong?

WHERE: Laurel Point Inn, Merino Room.


  • John McLeod – Reed Pope Business Lawyers
  • Anne Flanagan – Alliance Patents
  • James Ramsbottom – Merizzi Ramsbottom & Forster
  • Peter Cowan – Northworks IP
  • Jason Cheng – PwC
  • Elisabeth  Finch – PwC

Each of our speakers will talk to you about their area of expertise for twenty minutes, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Peter Elkins of the Capital Investment Network

COST: $45, includes refreshments and appetizers.

REGISTER: To register click on the following link

Speaker & Session Details:

 Session #1: Structures for Success
(John McLeod, Associate Counsel at Reed Pope Law Corporation)

This session will highlight the importance of adopting business structures that suit your operating environment and capital raising, tax, IP and other goals.  John will review steps you can take to document ownership of IP as between your business and its founders, employees, consultants and partners.  If you build value, the strength of your IP portfolio will likely be tested through due diligence or litigation or both.

Session #2: Developing and Protecting Technology
(Anne Flanagan, Owner, Alliance Patents)

A strategic approach to developing and protecting technology is essential for any company, whether a start up based on new technology, or an existing company looking to maintain their competitive advantage.  This session will discuss strategies to mesh company R&D with the development of a patent portfolio.

Session #3: Canadian Organization Filing Strategies
(James Ramsbottom, Partner & Patent Agent, Merizzi Ramsbottom & Forster)

A strategically built intellectual property portfolio is the cornerstone any organization involved in the development, marketing and selling of technological advancements.  This session will review some high-level patent prosecution strategies that may be available to organizations for developing their patent portfolios in a timely manner, using programs available through Canadian Patent Office and other foreign patent offices, which can be leveraged internationally.

Session #4: IP and strategies to secure sustainable competitive advantage
(Peter Cowan, Northworks IP)

An IP strategy is vital for all businesses that rely on IP to support or generate revenue. This session will review the key points in building and developing a business focused IP strategy that can both lock out competitors as well as create a scalable and sustainable competitive advantage.  It will illustrate how to create and evolve your IP strategy, and bring the discussion into the boardroom.

Session #5: SR&ED Update: Are your claims aligned with new case law & CRA expectations?
(Jason Cheng, Partner, PwC)

The Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program remains a key source of funding for innovative businesses. Ensure that you continue to protect your investment in R&D by learning the latest on this key tax credit program, understand the current approach the CRA is taking on file reviews, and hear about the implications of significant recent court rulings that could be beneficial to your claim.

Session #6: Moving and using IP across international borders: tax opportunities and challenges
(Elisabeth Finch, Partner, Tax Services, PwC)

This session will explain the international tax challenges you will face when creating an effective international IP structure, in a way everyone can understand. Elisabeth will also highlight the reasons your company’s stakeholders will care about these structures being right, and the costs of getting it wrong.

Session #7: Bringing it all together: Business, R&D, IP, & Innovation

(Peter Elkins, Capital Investment Network).

Peter will host a moderated discussion with the panel members.


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