Presentations & Whitepapers

Book Chapters, Whitepapers, & Articles

Sample of Public Presentations:

  • “IP and strategies to secure sustainable competitive advantage”. Co-organizer and speaker, IP & Business Innovation Forum, Victoria (2015)
  • “IP Monetization”, Invited Speaker, World IP Forum, Bangkok (2015)
  • “IoT – IP challenges in a connected World”, Panel speaker, World IP Forum, Bangkok (2015)
  • Intellectual Asset Management: IP Strategy and Monetization“, Invited speaker, CME-STEP Export Insight Series (2015)
  • IP Strategy and Knowledge Mobilization” (2014)
  • “The Changing Landscape of Technology Commercialization”, Speaker at ACCT Canada, Toronto (2013)
  • “The Business Perspective of protecting IT with IP”, Panel Member at ACCT Canada, Toronto (2013)
  • IP Strategy for Startups & Early Stage Ventures (2013)
  • Patent Strategy for AUTM Western Region Meeting (Fall 2011), Invited Speaker. “Open Innovation, A Fortune 500 Perspective”

Various presentations & workshops from 2008-2017 on the following:

Introduction to IP:

  • Introduction to IP for New Hires
  • Introduction and Application of IP in the the Business

Patent Management, Strategy & Culture:

  • Patent Strategy: Moving from a Patent Landscape to a Business Strategy
  • Patent Strategy: Patent Value Distribution – Focusing the R&D Team on Generating Quality IP
  • Patent Strategy: Building IP around a Disruptive Innovation Program
  • Patent Culture: Creating a “Patent Culture” through Best Practices (3 day hands-on workshop)
  • Patent Culture: Inventor Reward Program
  • IP & Idea Management: Moving from Ideas to Inventions
  • Patent Management: Internal Processes and Culture for Idea Generation and Management
  • Patent Management: Idea Ranking & Internal Patent Approval

Innovation & Customer Insights

  • Innovation: Innovative Design Workshop (2 day workshop)
  • Innovation: Rules and Tools for Creativity  (3 day workshop)
  • Innovation: Creating Culture & Behaviors to foster Breakthrough Innovations
  • Customer Interviews: Turning Customer Insights into Product Proposals
  • Customer Interviews: Applying the 10 faces of Innovation