Executing IP Strategy in High-Growth Markets (Part 2)

Earlier today Archimedes IP  published part two of my article on IP Strategies for high-growth markets, which I based around Nest Labs as a case study.  Below is the introduction, with the full article posted on the Archimedes IP Forum Blog. My thanks to Tom Ewing for both editing my draft, and contributing to the final copy.

Why High Growth Markets need an Evolution in IP Strategies (Part 2):

High Growth Patent StrategiesIntellectual property sometimes needs to grow faster than a company’s organic IP creation efforts.  Attempts to fix strategic intellectual property gaps have already cost Facebook more than $550 Million.  A similar fix cost Twitter $36 Million.

By contrast Nest Lab’s sale to Google for $3.2B had analysts commenting about the positive win on IP for Google.

Why is this?

For ventures with high-growth aspirations, our earlier case study of Nest Labs illustrates why patent strategy needs to shift quickly in new, high-growth markets. While Nest Labs acts as an outlier because several high-profile challenges occurred with respect to IP in the Smart Home industry, it still provides some key learnings for other ventures to consider planning towards as they grow.

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